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Metabolite Identification via High Resolution Mass Spectrometry - Celerion

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

In early-stage pharmaceutical research, knowledge of a compound’s metabolism can help to identify structural liabilities that can contribute to non-optimal pharmacokinetics, potentially toxic breakdown products or the potential for drug-drug interactions. At a later pre-clinical stage, in vitro metabolite profiles from multiple species are compared with in vivo animal plasma profiles to establish in vitro - in vivo correlations. During phase 1, human plasma is screened to identify major circulating metabolites. The human drug metabolism program is completed with a human radiolabel ADME study, typically conducted during phase 2. Celerion’s metabolite identification capability spans the drug development spectrum, from in vitro metabolite identification to human ADME studies. Our highly experienced and interactive scientists work closely with our clients to achieve the required metabolite profiling and identification information for successful regulatory filings.

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