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The Bio-EV team has touched every corner of the Life Sciences Industry. We've worked in research labs as scientists, we've had successful sales and marketing careers for leading manufacturers, and for almost 2 decades, we've produced on-site trade show events and virtual seminars, bringing scientists, procurement teams, and vendors together to share their projects, products, and solutions.

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About Bio-EV

Bio-EV is an invaluable resource to both scientists and sales teams. With over two decades of industry knowledge and experience, Alfred and Julie bring together the scientific community in efforts to solve problems in the lab space and foster productive discussions to improve lab operations. We focus on meeting the needs of both the scientist and the salespeople. We have cultivated many strong relationships and compiled an extensive contact list from our many years of hosting onsite events.

Bio-EV partners with biotechs, pharmaceutical companies, and universities by hosting on-site trade show events and technical seminars, bringing value to scientists, vendors, and procurement teams. We can also can orchestrate live instructional webinars, round-table discussions, and new product launch presentations. Whatever your team is seeking, we are here from start to finish, delivering a professional and unique experience to your audience. We will help you engage.


Julie Neeb

CEO and Co-Owner

Julie Neeb began her professional life in biotech sales in 2000.  She sold laboratory research supplies and equipment to academic, pharma, biotech, and government institutions. She joined Alfred in 2009 to help grow his life science events business. In 2015, Alfred and Julie formed Bio-EV, which expanded into biotech hub product shows as well as technology focused talks. Over the last 20 years, she has developed many meaningful relationships in the industry.  She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and daughter.  She enjoys yoga, tennis, golf and boating.


Alfred Lagaya

President and Co-Owner

Alfred Lagaya graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from San Diego State University.  Upon graduating, he worked as a scientist in genomic research during the booming biotech years of the 90's in La Jolla, CA.  A successful sales career followed that spanned many years and covered many product lines from lab consumables to antibodies and custom services.  His experience in Life Science events and marketing began in 2003 and continues to this day with the co-founding of Bio-EV in 2015 with Julie Neeb.  Alfred lives in the Bay Area with his wife and 3 kids and enjoys Jiu Jitsu, golf, and DJing (which he's been doing since the 80's).






Virtual Sessions


"Since the onset of COVID social gathering restrictions, I have participated in Bio-EV's latest endeavor of online technical talks. They are focused on bringing scientific technologies to every person in the industry around the globe. We should all pay attention to what this dynamic team has to offer."

Festus Ariche - Senior Manager, Facilities and Lab Operations - Fibrogen, Inc.

"Over the years, I have worked with Bio-EV, finding their services to be integral to my sales efforts. By matching companies and researchers in the life science industry, the Bio-EV team has proven their competency. With their new virtual events, they attract the right audience. I highly recommend the Bio-EV team to both sales teams and scientists who seek new opportunities and technologies."

Gisela Canales - Account Manager - Sartorius Corporation

"Alfred Lagaya is quite a special rep, scientist, manager and biotech professional of the 1st Stripe! I’ve known and worked with Alfred since 2002. In my role of a Vendor Group founder, owner and manager [1999-2008] in SoCA and Bay area of 2 groups of 45 to 50 Biotech sales reps, Alfred was an incredible and valuable contributing member.  I am here to tell you flatly you can put your company's reputation “on the line” by utilizing Alfred Lagaya with any life science sales or marketing issues."

Ed Greene - Industry veteran and List Owner of EDSJOBLIST

"My company has worked with Alfred and Julie for several years, and they are a pleasure to business with. I personally have attended many of the vendor product shows that they sponsored, and I can always count on the event being well attended, very organized and follow-up contact names sent to me a timely manner. Those are the expectations I have for a successful event, and Alfred and Julie always hit the mark!"

Jane Berry - Senior Account Manager

"As a sales representative for a company that covers multiple states and hundreds of accounts, it has been immeasurable working with Alfred and Julie and their vendor events. Each and every show allows me to gather quality leads and key contacts at their event locations. The marketing, show set-up and follow-up contact leads have been a key element of our company's sales growth over the years. Looking forward to many more events with Bio-EV."

Tony Fong - Liquid Handling Sales

"As the Sales Director for North America, it’s important that our sales team explore all avenues in order to find new leads and develop strong relationships with our customer base. Alfred’s events provide us the opportunity to do just that, and our sales organization will continue to support his business because we continue to receive value in return."
Chris Motta - Sales Director, North America

"I am very pleased with the great events set up by Bio-EV, Inc. Alfred and Julie go the extra mile to make sure all of the appropriate scientists and managers are invited to their events, in order for us to communicate and present our research products to them. They are ALL about quality. I am highly recommending them for future events."
Violeta Jordan - Global Director of Research Product Management



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